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The Largest Producer of
Sydney Rock Oysters
in Australia.
A third-generation business, Graham Barclay Oysters produces and supplies some of the finest-quality shellfish grown in Australia. Our oysters are widely regarded as one of the world’s premium seafood delicacies. Grown in the beautiful, crystal-clear waters of Wallis Lake, our Sydney Rock Oysters must be tasted to be believed. These oysters are unique to the East Coast of Australia and can live for up to 2 weeks out of the water. Though named for Sydney, in truth they have been cultivated in estuaries up and down the coast for over a century. Today, Graham Barclay Oysters is the leading supplier of fresh, local Sydney Rock Oysters (opened, unopened and bottled) direct to the public.

We are  currently open 6 days a week, including most Public Holidays.
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Grown in Award Winning Clean Waters of
- Wallis Lake -

An oyster takes its taste and character from the water it lives in. Crisp, clean water produces fresh, tasty oysters. Because the local council has kept Wallis Lake so clear and beautiful, we are able to produce some of the best oysters the world over. For outstanding flavour and a taste that has made our oysters delicacies all over the world, look no further than Graham Barclay Oysters.
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